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Terms and Conditions

Conditions of use

  • Any quantity restrictions for the goods delivered at one time purchase will be specified on the product page or near the material.

Terms of use for your website

  • All goods that are purchased are meant for the personal use and cannot be resold.


  • We reserve the right to accept or reject your order at any time if we reject your order for some purpose your amount will be refunded to you.Your exclusive remedy, in law, in equity, or otherwise, with respect to the website content and products and/or for any breach of this agreement is solely limited to the quotation you have raised and the vendor reference you have received through this website for placing direct orders on the said vendors. EETEE is not solely responsible.

Return processing

  • Unless provided for under these terms and conditions there will be no cancellation or changes to the order, goods will be delivered at your given address. Please be careful and check your order before shipment begins.

Cancelation policies

  • We will process any refund within reasonable time of agreeing to do so. If the original payment was made
    a) With credit card then the amount will be directly transferred to the credit card.
    b) With cash then the amount will be transferred in the respective bank account given by the customer.

Shipping time frames and terms:

  • Delivery :
    • The buyer is obliged to take delivery of the goods at the time they are delivered to the buyer or at the time they are made available to the buyer.
    • If the buyer refuses to take the delivery or fails to provide instructions and information for the delivery the goods will be stored at the buyer’s risk, the buyer will owe all the addition cost including the storage cost.
  • Shipping time:
    I. The delivery dates stated by the user are always approximate, and failure to fulfill that will not result to any default condition.
    II. The term of delivery will not begin until the data is made available for it.

Payment terms and special fees

  • Payment for all the items on the website can be made with the use of credit cards, debit cards (MasterCard, visa cards etc.)
  • We offer you with verified by MasterCard or visa card which makes your shopping safer.

Privacy disclaimers:

  • a) Harassing or stalking other users is prohibited.
  • b) Hacking or interfering with the website (or app) is prohibited.
  • c) Publishing graphic or inappropriate content is prohibited.
  • d) Violating Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights is prohibited.
  • e) Conducting scams or any other illegal activity is prohibited.


  • The EETEE website grants you a limited, non- restricted, non-transferable right to use the content and materials on the Website with respect to your normal, official, use of the EETEE website. The content from this website is prohibited for copying, reproducing, distributing or transmitting directly without our permission.
  • By posting, storing, or transmitting any content on the Website, you hereby grant EETEE India a uninterrupted, worldwide and non-restricted permit to distribute, have distributed, transmit and assign such content in any form, in all media now known or hereinafter created, anywhere in the world.
  • We are not responsible for any user generated content on the website of EETEE.


  • While you choose to use our website, you ultimately acknowledge that you have read and agreed to be bound by this Agreement and all terms and conditions on the EETEE website.